Table Sessions

I’ve got to stop trying to label whatever it is I shoot. The only one thing I know for sure is that I’ll be shooting weddings until I’m too old or shakey to shoot. The rest is kind of like a hobby. It just so happens that my hobby is a lot like my job.

We took Lola to the Discovery Center and she just went crazy and wanted to do and see everything and walked around w this glazed and excited look on her face for 2 hours. Thats kind of like me in between wedding season. I get to do pretty much anything I want. I just pitched a ‘rock climbing gone wrong’ shoot idea to clients and didn’t think they’d even write me back but they loved it. I’m also working with some good friends on a project that will see us working w the Canadian Cancer Society and allow us to give back in a small way and hopefully have a positive impact on the lives of those who’ve been affected by Cancer.

It’s also time to play around with new ideas. Most fail…do you remember when I wanted to rule the world w Senior photography? Fail. I was in a meeting the other day and someone was talking about ideas and how delicate they can be when they’re new and how easy it is for those ideas to be crushed and never make it anywhere. The Table Sessions one of those ideas that just might make it. It’s something I never would have dreamed of if I wasn’t a parent. I was only going to shoot a few but we’ve been having some fun just letting the shoots evolve and to be honest, it’s a blast to see everyone get so involved in the final look of the shoot. Steph and I have been trying some new stuff behind the scenes and before I can show you images of family members plummeting to the studio floor we need to rework our waivers and contracts.

Here’s a quick shot we did for Martha and the family. She told me the kids love broccoli. They did!