Taking chances.

I walked into the Marriott hotel on Saturday for Blair and Sarah’s wedding and said what I always say to Steph, “Wanna light it up?” She always does. We tried some things that didnt work, a few more things that didn’t work and I was about done with trying. Luckily Steph chirped at me and said, “No, you have to light this room”.

Without getting technical and nerdy, to shoot this silhouette I needed to commit to it and trust that Steph would get the ‘safe’ stuff for the entire ceremony. So I set up the light, sat on the floor at the back of the room and waited and waited and waited. I didn’t shoot the exchange of the rings, the vows or the signing of the registry. I waited for this shot and second guessed my terrified self the whole time. I have about 40 silhouette shots but nothing was working and I second guessed myself again and was pretty sure I would put myself out of business if I tried these stupid things again. And then it happened. They kissed, the Justice of the Peace slipped directly behind them, Sarah’s arms and flowers went up over Blair’s shoulders, my pocket wizards fired and my dirty ole LumoPro went off like a champ. What a rush that was. Seriously. Who needs drugs and alcohol when all you need to do is shoot someone’s wedding and scare yourself shitless that you’re going to screw up. Luckily Steph got the safe stuff like I knew she would.