wedding photographers

Halifax wedding photographers, Applehead Studio is a collective of photographers, videographers and editors who specialize in creative documentary wedding photography and films.

We’re award-winning, world travelling, status-quo-challenging photographers who strive to be different from all the rest. Our creative approach to photography, collaboration with clients, and chemistry with each other helps us create images that tell a story time and time again.

Bad tattoos in Mexico, better tattoos in Hawaii. Flip cup competitions, jet skiing,  DJ-ing grooms and ass grabbing brides. Secret weddings, airport weddings, public garden weddings and cliff side weddings. Jamaican elopements, dodgy helicopters up to a glacier, Paris weddings and Mama Juana shooters. Really late nights + really early mornings. Ice luge Moms, 10am caesars, pirates, photo booths, horse heads and Chicken Nuggets. Really loud singing in a circle, Mull River Shuffles and In the Air Tonight drum solos. Don’t Stop Believing.

Tears + laughter, real hugs + real kisses. We’ve shot your weddings everywhere from New Waterford to New Zealand and these are the moments we cherish. We want to hear your story, drop us a line.