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Loading the back of my truck with the girls bikes, I hear my friend + neighbour, Melissa, yell over to me, “Hey Liam, I have to tell you about this coworker who was raving about this wedding video they saw on Facebook that the whole office was raving about. They could not stop talking about how good it was and how cool the videography couple was to work with and how everyone absolutely loved them.” I listened, simultaneously trying to figure out if she would tell me who did this incredible work that everyone is sharing. She did.

It was Ash + Rich.

It was January 2012 that I met both Ashley + Richard, together, yet separately. Ashley was a student in my Lighting for Photography class at the now defunct Centre for Arts +Technology. Ash was the cool kid with a leather jacket kind of style and a sense of artistic insecurity that I knew all too well. She also loved Golden Retrievers and tattoos. Richard worked the cage at the school and this controlled the flow of gear and equipment. I was the new teacher in town and was intimidated by this guy with a shared love for plaid and tattoos. He had a calm sense of confidence and I think my voice cracked the first time we spoke. I didn’t borrow anything for weeks because I was scared he’d know way more than I did.

I don’t know how Ash+ Rich ended up together and I don’t know how we all started unofficially working together but here we are! It was just a natural progression for us as they were always the ones we called on for fun and ridiculous ideas. They were the cool couple with a fun approach to life that fit well with us. They were up for anything, always.

Ash + Rich are making huge waves in the Halifax wedding scene, in both photography + videography and I could not be happier to have them as a part of the Applehead Team. In the few short years of shooting weddings, they’ve risen to the toughest of wedding day challenges like sickness, lost and busted gear and creative funks only to emerge with wedding collections that are so popular they become the ones you hear about on your front lawn from a neighbor.

Clients love them. We love them. Tattoo artists love them. You’ll love them!

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