Robert + Magda in a warmer climate.

The last time we shot with Robert + Magda it was freezing. Cold bitter winds brought tears to our eyes and I swore we’d shoot again under warm sunny skies. So we waited 3 months for sun and decided on settling for warmth alone.

I’m looking forward to this wedding for three reasons.
1. there are a lot of wedding industry friends of mine all working on this wedding so I know its going to be incredible.
2. it brings together a bunch of people I consider friends and not clients and they all love to rock.
3. Robert + Magda (and her incredible dress) are up for anything and have this incredible chemistry that is so easy to photograph.

I think they were a bit skeptical when we met at Dal. They didn’t really want it to scream ‘school’ and I promised it wouldn’t.

Only a few more weeks until the wedding.


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May 31, 2011 - 7:15 pm

Magdalena Drewniak - We had a blast…again :) I love all the pics. Can’t wait for the wedding day! Thanks for all the kind words.

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