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The most romantic man in the world.

I’ve heard some pretty good engagement stories but this one is always the one I tell people about.
It’s becoming a tale. An urban legend. Its hardly believable. How could one man be that romantic and sensitive?

Well, my friends, Kevin is that man. He and Carolyn have been together for a long time and so as a part of his proposal he wrote 7 letters that directed Carolyn to 7 places. Each place representing a time in their past. The letters eventually led Carolyn back home, still completely unaware as to what was actually happening and Kevin was waiting w the diamonds.

There was no question in my mind what we were doing for an engagement shoot. I wanted to see these 7 places and hear the 7 stories. So over email we planned out a few locations and one of the addresses happened to be 6969 somethingorother st. I assumed the hard part would be trying to bring up that I had an idea that was, well, sixtyninish. It turns out they could not execute this idea that they were totally into. The headstand was the x factor I had not considered. Nor did I consider the possibility of road construction which would re route traffic so this headstand would need to be performed in front of heavy traffic full of people who wanted to get home for supper. We couldn’t resist a little video…and the image we grabbed the split second before the collapse.